Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Father's Day BBQ

We hosted a Father's Day BBQ at our house a few weekends ago! It started out as a pool party/bbq, but...then things started to go down hill.

The pump.
The filter.
The Polaris.

Despite that, we had a blast!

Jack showed off his new hat from Granny Jo and Pa:

And I made pie. Peach pie.

Pardon the shadow. No tripod + poor lighting = this.

Zoey was my smiling girl though!

"Hmmm...what should I eat first?"

"I've got it! Corn on the cob!"

This is Audrey's "I've got my eye on you..." face.

"Don't try anything fishy around here...bub."

She was just as giggly as ever!

After a dinner of chicken (yum), hamburger (yum), brats (yum) and a plethora of food, we moved outside for some swimming in the baby pool.

Zoey wasn't really that thrilled.

Audrey was! It was FREEZING!

Both she and Jack just loved it!

Audrey REALLY loves the water!

Zoey...not so much!

Here are our ducklings...lined up in a row.

The pool was tiny!

Trav joined in on the fun! WEE!

Yay water!

Note that Zoey is perfectly happy to just sit on the bench!

More clapping for water!

Here's lifegaurd Zoey - as dry as ever.

Here's our fish Audrey - not afraid to get wet!

It was a fun time!

Audrey really did have a blast.

Curly-haired girl on her way to the pool?

Couldn't be!

Well, it was short-lived.

Back out where it's warm and dry!

What you can't see if Audrey shivering. Yet she kept crawling back in!

What a cutie pie...a cold cutie pie!

Zoey wanted to be close to her cousin, so this was a good place to be - dry, warm but close to the pool.

"See! I can touch the water without freaking out!"

Jack LOVED the pool!

All the kids and dads together.

After most of the part had left, Papa Gary decided to help us remove a branch that was broken in a thunderstorm. With the help of Uncle Steve, they were able to pull it down.

Of course, Jack helped too!