Sunday, June 28, 2009

Surviving the Heat Wave

This pool:

has been a life saver.

Now, I'm not going to whine about the weather. Or complain.

Nope. I'll just say this: it's freaking hot. For Kansas, it's freaking hot. We had a full week of temperatures in the upper 90s and heat indexes in the mid 110s. That's hot. With 70-80 percent humidity, that's hot.

So have a baby pool where I can sit back and relax in the shade was nice.

Zoey wasn't just thrilled about it. She was better outside of the pool....for now.

Jack had no trouble diving right in!

Of course, we did spend some time inside!

...and then went back outside.

Oh what a life!

Look! She got in!

Nothing new for Jack, who enjoyed relaxing in the sun.

It was a nice sized pool!

Funny moment: Jack came downstairs to show us his pajames he put on. Yup. That's a t-shirt on top, t-shirt on bottom (worn as shorts) and black socks.


Somewhere in the heat wave we ended up buying some goggles.

It opened up a whole new world for the boy!

A lot more splashing, that's for sure!

Here's our bathing beauty.

And our fishy boy!

Sometimes when Jack's splashing got to be too much, Zoey would just sit down and swing with me.

I think I can handle this life, although the heat can be dialed back a bit.