Monday, June 1, 2009

Ranch and Spaghetti - an award-winning combo

Okay, this one is from last night. Kinda late on the draw.

So...Jack's in love with his Tow-Mater. He was obsessed with me taking a picture of it today.

Now to explain the title: Zoey loves Ranch. I mean, has to have it at all meals. Tonight we had, you guessed it, spaghetti. Spaghetti and parmesan to be exact. When you put ranch on it, it apparently becomes perfect...for everything! If you've ever seen My Big, Fat Greek Wedding you'll understand when I say that it's Zoey's windex. Good to eat, great for the hair...and the face...and clothes..

Oh yeah. That stuff in her hair? All Ranch, baby!

I suppose there could be some parmesan in there too.

Jack was just being silly.

He looks so tired!

Back to Tow-Mater!

Next we decided to play in the living room. Well, I played in the living room. The kids played on the couch.

And because Zoey's become obsessed with sun glasses, Jack decided it was his turn!

Coolness, man. So cool, that Jack had to chill out.

Cool man