Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ode to a Haircut

The day came last weekend to take our dear Zoey to get her hair cut. Grandma Suzie was on hand for the occasion...and to give her a helping hand.

At Shear Madness, Zoey didn't know what to think. Toys? Attention? Hmmmm.

Then it hit - time for her cut. The girl doesn't mind doctors, but she was terrified of sitting in a chair to get her hair cut!

Grandma Suzie's lap was just as good though.

She kept looking around, watching Elmo on the TV. started. She was unimpressed.

Being a big girl isn't as fun as she thought.

So it begins...

It was long!

REALLY not impressed.

All of a sudden the other chairs didn't look so bad.

Well, it didn't look TOO bad.

Can you tell that she was worried?

It was close to be over! Phew!

Grandma Suzie was right there, so it couldn't be TERRIBLE!

What was next?


Yeah! Done with cutting!

More combing? Seriously?


The hair dryer, especially one designed like a zebra, was a bit intimidating.

Once it was over, we trekked to the mall:

I just noticed that we have zero pictures of the boys. Jack actually asked for this one. Too bad I was in the seat right in front of him while I was taking it.

After naps, we played outside:


As you can tell, I'm pooped. Jack has developed a fear of the AC vent when the AC runs, so this should be a fun night.