Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Mess, Part 1

I'll spare you photos of the mess, so just use your imagination.

So...Saturday, I discovered that there was standing water in our sub basement. I completeyl ignored the fact that there were things floating in it. Instead, we assumed that the drain was clogged and our AC had overflowed it.

Turned the AC off.
Went to the Royals game - we had $44/seat tickets...why not?

The next morning, Trav woke up early to work on it. After an hour, he came upstairs to inform me that the water was not just AC water. It was sewage.

Calls to the city and plumbers insued.

The city brought this big hunk of a truck:

Found out that the sewers were clear. Whatever was done there was happening between our house and the sewage line.

Hmmm. Great. At least it's OUR sewage? I guess?

So, while Trav was trying to get a plumber who had the best prices, I took the kids out. Had fun, really, despite the circumstances. We came home with sandwiches and set up a picnic in the front yard.

The kids loved it:

Isn't the hat cute? It's really Jack's - purchased at the Lincoln Zoo. They really didn't have boy hats, so Jack ended up with this one. Not that he's worn it...

We really had fun waiting for the plumber. The weather was beautiful!

The cookies were good too, of course!


Here's my little gardner...

And playing with rocks on the bench...

Jack was having fun too!

Well, it wasn't sewage. It was starchy buildup instead! That's right -- years and years of potato skins, egg shells and pastas had lodged and finally erupted in our sub-basement.
Generally, it's better outcome than sewage. Cheaper too.

However, four-year old chunks of potato really don't smell that great. Trust me on this.

We ended up meeting my family - all of them! Kaki, Gary, Sammy and Naaate (you have to put the 3 a's!)

We played before dinner...

And Zoey, of course, devoured more chocolate cake than we would have preferred.

However, she pretty much grabbed it.

At least she cleaned up after herself?

Jack thought that she was crazy too!

So I hear the theme song from "Gilligan's Island?'

Knowing that we had a week of cleaning ahead of us, my parents have graciously taken the kids for the week. It's been quiet for us - probably crazy for them!