Friday, June 26, 2009

Calendars + Planning

Tentatively pencil in the following dates on your calendar:

July 18: Worlds of Fun day (I think that was the date? I may be wrong)
August 8: End of Summer Pool Party
September 5: Zoey's 2nd Birthday
September 14-18: Kid's Closet Consignment Sale (a complete guess)
September 26: Jack's 4th Birthday
October 10: Pumpkin Patch and Chili day?
November 28: 2nd Annual Cookie Party

That's right. I'm planning into November. Because...I can. And it's fun to plan these things. It makes the time fly by. And when it's that hot and humid, I'll take any diversion I can find!

A big change for the year: No Hillsboro Arts & Crafts sale this year! Last year was such a bust that we're going to skip it this year and let it rebuild itself. I'll miss it, but I wasn't impressed with it last year. Too many people, too few vendors, too expensive (in general) and too cheap of products. You used to be able to go there and get quality stuff that no one else in the world had. Not so much any more.

One word: LAME

In current news: pictures are coming. We've been staying busy keeping cool in the pool and just having fun together. Sorry. I'm sure you'll survive somehow.