Friday, May 8, 2009

A Walk Thru the Rain

Last Thursday (or Wednesday...I don't remember), I picked up the kids.

And it was raining. Nothing really heavy - just rain.

So what do you do when it's raining?

1) Play inside
2) Check the radar and play OUTSIDE!

We decided on #2. So, we gathered up the troops and headed on a walk to see how high the water had reached.

We saw some purty flowers:

And the river was actually much higher than I expected.

Zoey was happy though!! She was also under a bridge and dry.

Can't really say the same for Jack.

But he loved jumping in the puddles!

We also talked about the things LIVING in the water. Don't worry - no worms or slimy things here.

Zoey just really had a fun, damp ride.

Only casualty? Jack's shoe, as he ran through a muddy puddle.

At bath time, we did it seperately. Zoey had her bath first:

Lots of bubbles means lots of fun!

She even "washed" her own hair!

When it was Jack's turn, we had just as much fun.

And we had a lot of fun with the monkey.

He was a clean monkey at least!

Want to hear some good news?
I have pictures from the farm trip for you!

Want to hear some bad news?

I have to go give baths to the kiddos, so it may be tomorrow before I post them.

Oh well. You'll survive, I'm sure!


Eden said...

great photos! Have you mastered the art of photography without me or what?