Thursday, May 21, 2009

No New Pictures....Yet

Okay, so just neglected.

Busy weekend coming up for us - my sister is getting married! WOO! The "big day" is Sunday, so needless to say we're pretty busy. They're pretty busy. We're all...pretty darn busy.

So, until things calm down, you'll just have to be on an Angi-picture diet until I can sort through some photos. Photos such as...

- Mother's Day
- Miniature Golf
- Church Picnic
- Playing at the Park
- Playing at the School Playground

I know. You're just plain excited. So am I. Actually, I'm more exhausted than excited, if you really want to know.

Maybe when we get, we'll have even MORE pictures.

Oooo. More pictures to go through. Ooooo. Exciting.