Monday, May 4, 2009



I have tons of pictures (around 600, if you care) to sort through, edit and post, not to mention the duties of reclaiming the normalcy that is our house!

So...if you want to see pictures from Nebraska, go ahead and grab a glass of water, a freshly baked cookie and sit a spell. This is going to take a few days.

The fun part? We also have some photos from other exciting moments in the last week, including:

- Walking in the rain
- Playing outside with Trav
- Zoey walking!!

Like I said - prepare for a photo onslaught! Also, prepare for something new.

I won't say what.
But I will say that it's going to be worthwhile...if it works.

However, until then? Try to calm your excitement. I know, I know. Trips to the farm are always thrilling!