Saturday, May 30, 2009

Box Bonus

Earlier this week, we decided to play in the living room after dinner. After playing for about 20-30 minutes, Zoey decied that she was ready to finish her beans from dinner:

That's right. Finish them on the floor. In the living room. While wearing a white shirt.

Look! Jack! A smile! WOW!

Zoey was all smiles too!

Well, they found our box. SIDENOTE: is seriously awesome if you catch a diaper shortage a few days prior to running out. All you do is order diapers by 6:00 and they will come by the next day. AWESOME!


I love my Jack in a box!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wedding Weekend

What, did you think I would leave you just hanging without more pictures?

Confession: I almost did! I forgot that I had loaded half of them before I went to bed, so you can imagine my surprise when I got up and found the job half done!


Anyway, my sister Sam and her boyfriend - Fiance - now husband Nate were married last weekend at a local zoo. It was awesome! We had a chance to look around for a little bit:

Yes, you could get in there with kangaroos. While they were still wild, they were very comfortable around humans, especially little kids. There was even one with a joey!

These tortoises were awesome! And only four years old.

And next day, we did hair. Here's mine...

And Sam's!

Kidding, kidding. You know I wouldn't let her go out like that!

THIS was Sam's beautiful hair!

Before the wedding, Zoey decided she was thirsty:

Imagine there's a fast-forward button. Obviously I can't take pictures of the ceremony if I'm in it. Just imagine a beautiful outdoor ceremony with a cloudless sky!

During the reception, they brought out a baby lemur. Since we had to be quiet, we took the kids outside to run a bit:

Zoey decided that running didn't include jewelry.

It didn't include a hand-stand though!

Jack wasn't really THAT amused.

Now, where is SHE going?

After a long weekend, Zoey was wiped! Thankfully, Grandma Suzie had a shoulder just for her!

Then the dancing started.
Oh boy.
It started off so sweet!

I don't have a good picture, but it soon turned into Jack the Dancing Fool! He was...wild. We were sure that he was going to pick up a few phone numbers while on the dancing floor!
Isn't my sister beautiful?

Yes, even with her head turned.

Sam even included Jack's song - "Upside Down" by Jack Johnson

By the way, did I mention that Jack lead the Conga line?

The next day, we spent a little time outside:

Sorry for the lack of Jack. He was playing with Asa that majority of the morning and quite honestly, I was ready to fall asleep for a second nap.

So the girls went inside to play piano.

Jack was zipping by to make the picture in motion!

Life's a Picnic

Especially at Mercy Church!

The pictures you are about the enjoy were taken at the Mercy Church potluck picnic. We also had the service outside, which was fine until you account for kids. It started off great:

Uh-oh. Boredom was starting to creep in.

It was a good crowd!

And...they're off!

After the girls were changed, we played with the boys. Jack's first game: knock down as many cones as he could in the shortest amount of time. Needless to say, he won.

Jack's game two: have fun with a hula hoop.


Zoey tried too.

But Volleyball was just so much easier!

We were lucky to get in to eat early, but sadly Jack's beans never stood a chance:

But she made up for it by feeding Jack her food!

Clean up time!

Here's our diva with her glasses:

"No pictures, please."

To end the day (the actual event went on until about 5:00), we watched a pie toss!

It was pretty darn cool!

Later that evening, we trekked three miles to another park! After a quick lunch, we had fun on a playground. Zoey loved putting rocks in the holes.

And swinging.

Jack loved everything.

At the end of the day, nothing is better than two munchkins holding hands and walking together.

Say it with me: AWWW!

Life just doesn't get better than this!