Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spotlight on...JACK!

Enjoy some Jack time!

If you don't know, here are the commercials that he's singing:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mouthwatering yumminess

First of all, there's some important news to discuss - meat smoking season is officially here!!

(Note: I've learned that you MUST say "meat smoking." Not just smoking and not smoking meat. It's MEAT SMOKING. If you don't say that phrase, people can misunderstand you. I.E. Smoking something else. We don't smoke that something else though.)

We were going to smoke a pork shoulder on Sunday, but due to a fundraiser and anticipated thunderstorms (which didn't even come until that evening), we decided to do it on Monday.

Too bad it was rainy ALL DAY. And 58 degrees.

After 6 hours of smoking in the smoker, we moved it to the oven. Yesterday it was FINALLY done and we cut it up. Oh my gosh it tastes good!

This is going to be delicious:

In other news, we leave for Nebraska on Friday morning. That should be exciting. I'm really quite thrilled to have the luxury of going to a farm with my kids. Not everyone can say that they can do that! Plus we're headed to the Lincoln Children's Zoo, which is just as much fun!

However, this forecast is not as fun:

(That's for Kansas City, if you want to know)

So today it's going to be rainy. Muggy. Yuck.

Tomorrow it's going to be rainy. Muggy. Yuck.

FRIDAY it's going to be rainy. Cold. Yuck

How lovely!! Here's to a better weekend outlook in Nebraska!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Shoulda. Woulda. Coulda.

I've been thinking about this. Now that I'm through college, married, have kids, own a house and will be seeing Trav graduate from college in a few years, I've realized a few things I would have loved to change in the past, knowing what I know now:

1) I would have gone to KU. Still would have met Trav and probably would have found a degree that really fit me, instead of just general communications.

2) I should have paid attention to the stable careers. Marketing is highly competitive. As fun as that is, I wish I would have taken more time and found out options.

3) Finished in 4 years, not 3. Seriously - I graduated cum laude and didn't even have the chance to be honored as such with my class.

4) Kind of wish we would have waited a little longer on a house. And not been so scared to look further south. Not a huge thing. Just a little pet peeve.

5) Really wish we would have invested in a smoker earlier!! DUDE! Who knew it was so much fun!?

6) I really should have invested in new shoes last Christmas. These are not fitting the bill anymore. Six+ years old and no arch. Boo!

7) Spent more time with my friends. Eden is in Peru. Heather is in Africa. Don't really know where Melissa is, but I miss her too. My friends. :-( I miss friends my age.

8) Really glad we didn't get that greyhound four years ago. Yeah, greyjound in an apartment was a BRILLANT idea! Glad that it didn't work out though.

9) Really glad we didn't spend a lot of money on Jack's crib. It's done a great job with two kids, but I'm glad that I won't feel bad selling it someday at a consignment sale.

Which brings me too....

10) Not finding consignment sales earlier. Cheap clothes. Good clothes. End of story. There was one this weekend that was by Mothers of Multiples (, and it made me excited for September's sale.


On a side note...


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Not ready for summer

Can anyone else remember when summer meant lounging around by the pool, slurping smoothies and relaxing in front of a TV?

Yeah, now summer for me means - hot. Lots of AC. Lots of energy bills.


Why do I bring up summer, you ask?

Well, here's a big hint: I'm hot. I've BEEN hot for the last 3-4 days. It's been in the low to mid 80s, which means that when you factor in humidity, it's hot. Okay, that's nothing compared with TRUE summer heat, but seriously. Not fun. We don't want to use our AC until June, and this is making it difficult.

As a result, we've been spending as much time as we can outside. The kids have actually been in great moods, for a change. Look! They even took pictures together!

Don't ask. I don't know. I think Zoey was mad at me for trying to take her hat. NOT a fan of losing that hat!

Lately we've been going to Sonic for a slush or water and sharing it all evening. Jack loves the idea:

OH! And here are the flowers we planted! Go ahead - stare in awe. I know I am! I mean, for each flower that Jack and I planted, Zoey was there to rip it right out of the dirt. Again.

After awhile, Zoey was contemplating things to do. Hmmmm.

I know! Play with the leaves!

Later, after a nice ant-filled dinner (okay, not ants FOR dinner but ants on the floor DURING dinner, which freaked Jack out which meant I had to come to the rescue. Let me tell you that it's even MORE fun to mop furiously to clean up bug spray when it's 85 degrees in our house and apparently no wind coming through the windows. DUDE! We were having amazing wind gusts, but nothing came in!) we made our way to Jack's room, where we could play in an ant-free, very book-freidnly zone.

Humidity does AWESOME things for hair:

Okay, so he wanted to show off his injury (check the knee) and was distracted by something out the window - hence the "off-in-the-distance" stare.

Jack loves his monkey!

Check out Jack's cheek. We have no idea what's going on, but he has little bumps.

If you want to see more pictures, tune back tomorrow for pictures from our Royals game tonight. It should be a load of fun. We're also headed to Nebraska on Friday, which should be full of adventure and hopefully no rain!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oooooo! Exciting!

Saturday we have plans.

Fun plans.

Photo-worthy plans.

We're headed to the ROYALS GAME!!!!!!


Now, all can just calm down now. I know it's just so exciting. I was nearly bouncing off the walls too!

This will be Zoey's FIRST TIME! And because she's so short, she doesn't need a ticket! Sweet!

In other news: more planting tonight. More playing tonight. And yes, more fun.

Things to do before Saturday:

- Invest in toddler-sized baseball jerseys
- Invest in toddler-sized baseball gloves

Monday, April 20, 2009

Starting the week off right...

Did you know that this is the last week of April? Yikes!

Anyway, so Zoey got a little sick over the weekend. Fever of 100+ degrees, achiness, acting weird, etc. Just not right to go to daycare. She had a bit of a fever around lunch (in the 99 degree range though), so we kept her home.

After work, however, she was nearly normal. We ended going outside to plant some new flowers we picked up last night at Lowe's. The task ended up being super easy, so we goofed around:

This huge branch fell in March when we had the ice storm. Yup. A month ago. Have we cleaned up fully from it? Oh heck no!

Jack was so proud!

Coming up: Nebraska trip to the farm and Lincoln. Stay tuned for the fun!

Easter...Take Two!!

We ended up going to Wichita for the Regier family Easter, which was quite exciting. Like the weekend before, it was a beautiful Saturday and yucky Sunday. Oh well.

More piano playing:

A LOT more walking (up to 90%!)

Tons of playing in Nate's laundry basket:

And even more playing outside:

This is Asa, one of Jack's friend who live by my parents' house.


Friday, April 17, 2009

My how they've grown!

We'll be gone over the weekend to Wichita, so in our absence please enjoy looking at how our kids have grown in the last 12 months!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Last night was supposed to be such a peaceful night.

Dinner with Trav.

Nice, relaxing evening playing together.

Too bad neither Jack nor Zoey were alerted to this plan. In fact, both seemed to buck it. Jack has been a complete toddler (i.e. turning a deaf ear to anything we say) and Zoey is...well...Zoey. She's either catching a cold, dealing with allergies, breaking in a few teeth or being weird. She's cranky, indecisive and really doesn't want to eat what is being served.

The start of toddlerhood. Dun dun DUUUUUUUUUUN!

Anyway, so this evening I was doing dishes. Jack is playing on the couch (which he knows I hate), so I go into the living room to ask him to put the pillows back. Zoey's FINALLY eating from a box of cereal that Trav left in the living room. No worries - she's eating and drinking her milk. I'm happy!

Next thing I know, I hear Zoey's classic..."uh...oh..."

I go in, and check out what I find:

Oh brother! Can't you just feel them crunch into the carpet as the kids move? The vaccuum has proved to be the best wedding gift ever.


On a side note, I'm making some awesome mustard "fried" chicken.

What? Is this new to you?'s easy!

I bet this is how YOU make fried chicken:

Coat chicken in flour
Place chicken in egg wash
Dip chicken back in flour or crushed corn flakes or bread crumbs or whatever.
Put on baking sheet or in frying pan.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know how you are. Is the chicken good? Oh heck yeah! Have I found a better way? Oh heck yeah!

Here's my oven-baked "fried" chicken:

Brush chicken with mustard (spicy honey mustard is our fav)
Coat with bread crumbs and spices (or whatever)
Place on greased cookie sheet.
Bake - 425 if you're doing smaller chunks or 350 if you're doing bone-in stuff.

Oh. My. Goodness!


(PS - I was SO going to post this last night, but my computer crashed instead. At least we have auto-save!)

Monday, April 13, 2009

In the mood for a little laughter?

Okay, so this thing was caushing the site to have issues.

So if you want a good laugh, go here: Sound of Music Train Station @ Yahoo! Video

Easter Extravaganza!

(Please note: I avoided the always punny "eGGtravaganza" joke. You KNOW that you were thinking of it too!) Easter turned out to be just lovely, even though the weather was far from enjoyable. We had a great church service, great music, great moods and great 40-50 degree weather. We started the day off at 50, and by the time we returned home from Grandma Suzie's and Papa Don's, it was a balmy 46. BRRR!!!

After church, we all headed out to the football field for the Egg "hunt:"

I love this picture, mainly because it looks like Zoey is pulling Trav toward the eggs!

Yes, our church meets at Olathe South.

Zoey didn't really know what to make of everything.

Jack was REALLY anxious...


Jack kept bringing all of the orange eggs back to Zoey.

But he managed to save some for himself too!

Ignore the the left. That was a bit much to crop out!

Next we loaded into the car (and cranked up the heat!) and drove to Grandma Suzie's and Papa Don's house for Easter!

Audrey has changed so much! Check out her skills!

Zoey loves this chair. I mean, really love. She claims this chair each time we go there. It's HER chair.

I think this is a clue that Audrey is going to be a dancer. Long, lean and has the pose down!

No, I don't know what she was looking at.

Then it was time to open gifts!

This is the bunch of 'em:

Okay, so I cropped it down to just Audrey. She just looks so beautiful here!

Zoey SO wants that hat!

Zoey delighted us by wearing bunny ears:

And last but not least, Jack had different plans for the roll-on body soap!