Friday, February 27, 2009

Project Cakeballs

In case you're wondering, cakeballs are just that - cake in a ball form. I give full credit to the Bakerella blog, mainly because without it there would be no lovely food in our lives.

Okay, so maybe you're still fuzzy about what cakeballs really are. Basically, it's a bite-sized ball of cake that is coated with almond bark.

How do you make it?

1) Make the cake

2) Let it cool

3) Crumble it into a bowl

4) Mix with frosting (creamy variety)

5) Roll into balls

6) Put in the fridge or freezer for more than 4 hours

7) Melt almond bark of choice

8) Taking 2-3 balls out at a time and roll in chocolate.

9) Place on waxed paper and immediately cover with sprinkles.

10) After letting them harden (takes 10 seconds to initially setup, about 2 minutes to finish to the eating stage), enjoy!

You don't have to do anything special to them. Just keep them in an air tight container. They stay "fresh" for about 3 days, but are good to eat for another 5 if kept in that container.

Thus far we've made:

- Strawberry cake mixed with cream cheese frosting with white chocolate coating and red sprinkles
- German chocolate cake mixed with pecan coconut frosting with milk chocolate coating and coconut topping
- French vanilla cake mixed with cream cheese frosting with milk chocolate coating and chocolate sprinkles
- Devil's Food cake mixed with chocolate frosting with milk chocolate AND white chocolate coatings (2 varieties) and blue sprinkles
- Red Velvet cake mixed with buttercream frosting with milk chocolate AND white chocolate coatings (2 varieties) and red sprinkles


Strawberry and Devil's Food were an instant favorite.
French Vanilla and Red Velvet was a close second.
German chocolate was good, just not as good as others.

If you have the time, try it! It's a lot of fun - it just takes a bit of time to wait between stages.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An evneing of messy goodness from two weeks ago

Post #150 is dedicated to...


We had our 3D glasses ready...

And our TOUCHDOWN moves ready...

But wait! Who is over there?

Why it's Audrey!

She says "hello, Zoey!"

Jack and Grandma Suzie loved the coloring.

Oh! Almost time for the special 3D commercial!


Grandma Suzie was rockin' the Bruce Springsteen half time show!

And so was Zoey.

Oh! Pretty hair!

On the way home, we took some pictures of our "tired" kids:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Breaking News

This just in to the news room, hot off the press:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Disclaimer

Are you ready for

Well, too bad. Right now the computer at home is not being as user-friendly as we would hope. Without going into much detail, the mouse has decided to become a psychotic bi-polar mess. You never know what it's going to do! So until it gets fixed, no new pictures. :-(

On the up note, I have plenty of exciting new pictures to post! These pictures include...

- Superbowl
- Playing in the dirt
- Fun in the park with Grandma Suzie, Aunt April and Cousin Audrey
- Chalk drawing
- Meal time excitement
- Cake balls!

Both kids are doing fine, if you wanted to know! They are eager for the weekend and to make Valentine's Day gifts for all of our peeps!

*NOTE* If you are a local "peep," please keep your eyes to the door! We'll probably be delivering the gifts on Sunday!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday Update

Yes, I've decided to update the blog a bit. Clean house. Reorganize. You get the picture!!

Anyway, I've added links to many of the blogs I enjoy to read; some bloggers are my friends and family and some are just fun to visit.

(Random insert: Jack just told me that he's going to build a computer. We'll see how this goes down)

Here's an explanation of the blogs, just in case you want to learn more. Please note that none of these blogs are in an order of most recent postings.

-- Bloggers I know --

#1: my sister-in-law (Trav's sister) and her family. Our neice Audrey is a doll and a half and both she and Zoey really enjoy each other (pardon the shoving at the Superbowl). Audrey turns one in March, and I can promise that there will be loads of fun!

- Blog: All About the Abbotts
- Most recent post: More Park Outings and Fun with Daddy

#2: being the youngest of the cousins was tough, and when the majority of them moved away to California, it was even more difficult to make sure we all stayed in contact. Thankfully the Internet has led to communication advances, and my cousin's wife Melissa has a blog! I seriously love to see what they've been up t0 - the stories are great and she always inspires me to open my heart fully to God and become a better mom, wife and woman of God. Their family recently adopted a little boy, Timothy, from Thailand, and it's been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. However, the ride has been well worth it! Their kids are just so adorable!

- Blog: The Honeybee Blog
- Most recent post: 25 Random Things about Me

#3: my sister and I are really something together. We don't share any blood, but we're ueber close. She's always been there for me, relaly. Since she went to college and I've gone on to a job, house and family, we haven't been able to spend as much time together. She's a busy college student about to graduate this spring with a wedding soon thereafter, so it's always thrilling to get to read her trials and tribulations!

- Blog: Me, Myself, and I AM
- Most recent post: Let Every Heart

#4: in sixth grade, I met a girl named Eden. She had just moved to my school and actually lost her house in a fire. We hit it off right away and have been good friends for more than a decade now. I really do love her like a sister (as do I love Heather and Melissa K., though neither seem to have a blog!). She's currently in Peru teaching Art, and her unique experiences, amazing sense of humor and just incredible writing style make this a great read!

- Blog: The Blog of Eden
- Most recent post: 4 Christian Romances

-- Other Blogs We Enjoy --

#1: Trav's friend Steve and his wife have been through so much together, and their story really is one of hope. A few years ago they adopted their daughter Sophie from China, and they are currently in the (long) process of adopting another child domestically. Although life hasn't always been easy, they have never let their faith in Christ or the power of family overcome their doubts.
- Blog: Our story for Hope
- Most recent post: Isn't Domestic Adoption Cheaper?

#2: When we moved to Olathe, we knew we had to find a new church. We hit the jackpot when we found Mercy Church (formally Olathe Life Fellowship)! It's just 4-5 minutes from our house and is a young, growing church. We've found such a strong Christ-filled community that doesn't take the stereotypical Christian attitude. With Paster Timmy at the helm, we've seen what it's like to live on the street first hand (our pastor and music director became homeless for 36 hours) and learned the power of loving everyone, even Fred Phelps (we've held demonstrations alongside the Phelps crew, only our message was one of peace and love), just to name a few. Timmy and his wife Jana don't pretend to be the perfect Christians, and they aren't afraid to touch tender subjects in sermons. Welcome to Timmy's blog!

- Blog: Timmy Gibson
- Most recent post: Spiritual Stimulus Package

#3: This one was just introduced to me yesterday, but I'm in love. If you've ever wanted to learn how to bake sweet treats but really don't know how to make them look good, check this place out. She makes it look easy for anyone! I can almost promise that you'll walk away with at least five dessert ideas for your next party!

- Blog: Bakerella
- Most recent post: Easy and Easier Valentine Treats

#4: We learned about this blog through "Our Story for Hope." It's one of those blogs you have trouble reading because of the content, but it feels so necessary TO read about Sydney's story. Basically, it's about a family who had been in the adoption limbo for what seemed to be ages and eventually found a little girl to adopt from China. They brought her home and discovered that she had significant health problems that are inoperable and most likely will be the cause of her death in the near future. This precious little girl really does inspire hope, and I cannot wait to see how the Lord continues to touch their lives.

- Blog: Waiting for Sydney
- Most recent post: Appt. date

#5: For Father's Day, I decided to give Trav a family portrait. Since I'm the one behind the camera, the hunt was on to find a photographer that fit our needs and budget. Our previous photographer was excellent but far too pricey for our immediate needs. We found Jeremy by chance, and we love his work. It's always fun to see what he's been up to, and we love his personality and style.

- Blog:
- Most recent post: Super Bowl Faces

#6 & #7: I love consignment sales. It just feels right - as fast as kids outgrow clothes, there's finally an inexpensive way to keep up with them. Kid's Closet is my favorite consignment sale, and I can't push them enough. The blogs aren't updated very often, but it's still a nice way to learn more about the sales and some tips/tricks!

- Blog #6: Kid's Closet Connection~Lenexa
- Most recent post: This is "The Week!"

- Blog #7: Kid's Closet Connection Consignment Sale
- Most recent post: Kid's Closet Website!


Okay, Okay. Because I know the audience here, I'm going to go ahead and post some pictures. So until we next time, have a wonderful week!

(Sorry that last one is so blurry. I'll put some better ones up, but right now I have to run!)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Random mid-week update

While there really isn't much to report, I thought I would just share a few exciting tid-bits in our lives. Well, I would if we had anything exciting to report.

It's raining.
It's going to storm.
The kids are eating pudding.
I'm wearing board shorts because it was 70 degrees outside.
Trav is just groovy.

And that's it! Nothing really to report. It's sad, isn't it? You would think I would have ONE story, wouldn't you?

But no. There's nada.

On the upside, I don't necessary hate being boring. No one is sick. No one is hurt. The house is in one piece.

Generally, life is happy!

Valentine's Day is this weekend, and because Trav works, my parents are coming up for a V-day dinner (weather pending, of course). If it snows, they won't come. If it doesn't, they will. It's not very complicated.

The kids and I are also going to make some V-day treats for everyone and will try to drop them off this weekend, but we'll see. I just know us too well!! BUT it should be a fun time for everyone.
In other news...that's it! I'm somewhat dizzy tonight, but who knows what has brought upon that new condition. My shoulder is hurting like crazy, telling me that the storm is a'brewin'!

Well, that's about it. I do have pictures to post yet I lack any sort of motivation with which to use. Where's that Captian Planet ring when you need it?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A weekend date...Frontier Park

After a long week and knowing Trav was working, I had planned to take the kids on a walk and picnic on Saturday. My parents drove up for a pleasant surprise, so we kicked the walk to the curb and made our way to our favorite park.

Battling the wind while eating was tough, so no pictures there. It was just a fun lunch, and after eating, we decided to go play. Well, THEY decided to play. I thought that Zoey and I could sit on the blanket while Jack and Kaki played on the equipment. My dad would be filming on his personal camcorder, and all would be good! Right?

WRONG! Those days of Zoey not wanting to be involved are OVER!!

See...crawling away from me. :-(
She crawled up the steps all by herself...

And even got herself into position to slide down the slide!

Jack mastered the swing/pully/cool movey thing with Kaki's help...

And Zoey just had fun!
Kaki and Jack were just a blast together. So cute!

Yeah...Jack had fun!

We all did.

I can't really say just how much fun we had!!

At home, we played in the front:

And...the end! I have more pictures from the super bowl party, but you will just have to wait. So neener!