Friday, January 30, 2009

The drama that is my hair

This is way different from any post I've had thus far. This is purely about moi. That's right - me. No kids mentioned, though I may mention them anyway. You know, they are just THAT fun.

Let's go back to July. I found a hair stylist who just rocked. My hair is thick and really doesn't lay the way most people think. Before Zoey was born, I tried a stylist who made me look like a poodle.

Okay, so this new stylist was awesome. Loved her and the price. However, she moved to a different state, leaving me high and dry. Eventually I found someone else at a Great Clips (of all places!) and cut my hair back in September. I haven't touched it since. Sam is getting married in less than four months, and I need to figure out what to do.

Let it grow?
Cut it short?

GAH! The choices!

Here are a few select moments in my hair history:










Here are my bridesmaids and their hair:


Any insight?

Oh the drama!!

All I know, is that right now my hair looks terrible - especially on days like today when I blow dry it the wrong way and it goes flat and nasty. SO becoming.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A casual evening at the...


Well, last weekend we decided we would start potty training Jack. He was not so motivated, and it went smoothly. However, he ended up pooping in his pants and wow. We just became frustrated and decided to try it the next week.

To celebrate the victory of going pee-pee in the potty, we went out to eat with Gma Suzie and Papa Don. We also went bowling, which was GREAT!

Zoey's hair isn't QUITE long enough yet! However, it's growing! And I can't get a straight part in that girl.

Okay, story: so Jack decided he would bowl by himself and ended up dropping the ball (missing his feet). He ended up chasing the ball one lane over...and throwing the ball down THEIR lane.
At least they were good sports about it!

And a few nights later we made a fire, s'mores and of course enjoyed our crackers:


Sometimes, Zoey is just a doll:

And boy does she have a funny way to walking! She's standing up more in the middle of the room(!) on her own now and often will take a few steps. It's hillarious to see what she wants to use to move though:

And now, for bathtime!

Jack just cracks us up!

And Zoey loves her giraffes. Seriously - don't touch them!


Aww! Kissy, kissy!

Yup, it's time for bed!

"Ah, 5 more minutes?'

April's birthday and just plain cuteness

Here's a happy birthday to April - which I say because I have no pictures of HER! (sorry bout that)

At Cinzetti's, everyone had a great time:

And Audrey is such a little eater! Where she puts it, I don't know.

At Gma Suzies and Papa Don's, everyone was having a wonderful time. Zoey found/tormented the cat...

And Audrey was just the perfect crawler.

They REALLY interacted well. I really can see them becoming very close friends in the future.

Here's just a size comparison:

Told you that they played together well!

Zoey gave that phone to her...and then took it away.


Sleepy and Sicky

To play catch up, here are a few snapshots of the kiddos to enjoy!

Zoey fell asleep in her highchair...

But that's okay! She was still in a good mood after her catnap!

And Jack is ALWAYS in a good mood!

Jack also loves his chainsaw and drill and table saw...

THIS is the main reason we fell behind:
Sick baby. :-(

At least they played well together!