Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day 1 - the Mess

There's never a dull moment in our house.

So this year we decided to smoke one turkey and roast another. Because both were fresh turkeys and needed seperate brines, we put them in stryafoam coolers and in our garage (trust me - it's the coldest place in the house!)

Now, there was a slow leak from the cooler with the roasted turkey in it. We came up with a solution, and thought all was good.

After all was said and done, it had about 1-2 gallons of ice + 2-3 gallons of water/brine.

I asked Trav to bring it upstairs so that I could prepare it for roasting.

While I'm prepping the sink, I hear "%$@!" and a splash. I run in, see that the cooler bottom had folded, and grab for the turkey. Meanwhile, Trav runs upstairs and grabs all the towels that we own.

So...our second rug is currently in the wash and amazingly, I just finished cleaning the entry way (you could eat off of it).

It's not even 10 o'clock in the morning. The dinner isn't until 5:30.

What else could go wrong?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A moment to reflect on being Thankful, or Angi is trying to stay busy at work and needs to ramble

It’s tough to teach a kid to be thankful. I don’t mean to say “thank you” and “please.” Manners are simply taught and maintained. But how do you teach another to be thankful?

It’s so easy to be selfish:

We NEED a finished basement.
We NEED a landscaped backyard.
We NEED new toys.
We NEED to replace a fully functioning lighting fixture.

It’s attitudes like these that are really starting to make me sick. Granted, there are times that “we need” is true. We NEED heat. We NEED clean water. We NEED nutritious food. We NEED to get rid of the mold.

So this Thanksgiving, I am thankful. God has given so much to us, and each year I see myself getting more and more selfish.

Why do I say this now?

Yesterday, we went to Hobby Lobby to pick up a family portrait we had framed. At the front of the store was an old man in front of the Salvation Army bucket. Jack asked who he was, what the bucket was for, etc. I didn’t think much of it. I explain that they are raising money for kids who don’t have toys and mommies and daddies who don’t have a home.

All the way through the store, Jack asked about this man.
Every stinking minute we were in Hobby Lobby, he asked to give money to that bucket.

After we checked out, I gave him the change I had and Jack put them into bucket. The man thanked Jack and Jack thanked him. Back in the car, Jack said that he had helped the kids.

I’m still floored. What an amazing moment to witness!

So this Thanksgiving and Holiday season, here are just a few of things I am very thankful for:

- An amazing support system of loving family and friends
- The amazing father, husband, son and brother that is Trav
- Two kids whose are growing to be kind, loving individuals who are filled with Christ’s spirit
- A job that challenges me to grow
- A mold-free basement
- A safe neighborhood
- Our church because they are encouraging us to be like Christ and open our hearts and minds to His Word
- Being able to live so close to work that I can come home to see my family; because Trav and I work opposite shifts, this is often the only time we spend together.

I could go on and on, but I’m going to get cheesy.

Where does this all come from?

This past year has been tough on us physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. To name a few of the major events:
- Trav’s grandmother passed away
- Zoey had surgery
- Trav had surgery to repair his esophagus: this has turned in a multi-year process to get his issue figured out
- My own major illness: in a household that has to run like clockwork, being caught with a major bought of the flu, bronchitis, an ear infection and sinus infection for more than a month really stretched us to the max.
- Discovered a severe mold infestation in the basement

It’s been tough not to be selfish and wonder why we should even be thankful.

The other day, a song popped into my head. In particular, these lyrics wouldn’t get out of my mind:

“God above all the world in motion
God above all my hopes and fears
I don't care what the world throws at me now
It's gonna be alright

'Cause I know my God saved the day
And I know His word never fails
And I know my God made a way for me
Salvation is here”

It’s from a song, “Salvation is here” by Hillsong United.

And you know what? I let go. My world has turned from “Oh Woe is Me! I need to…” to “Okay God, it’s in your control. Here are my selfish worries. Here are my insecurities. I’ve opened my heart completely to you ”

What an amazing moment! Even now, as we prepare for Thanksgiving and have already had one potential turkey disaster, I’m not in a panic. Everything will be okay. Thanksgiving isn’t about the turkey or the stuffing. It’s about being Thankful for what you have in your life.

And boy do we have plenty to be thankful for!

Okay, ramblings over.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Here and There

I should be cleaning. Or cooking. Or something.

What am I doing instead? Posting pictures of my kids, of course!

From Sunday....

This girl just won't keep her socks on. It was cold on Sunday and those socks STILL came off! Heck, tonight she was mostly asleep and took her socks off. The girl has skill.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Completely Forgot!

Here's the latest video from Zoey:

It's from a few weeks ago, but it's fun nonetheless! She's such a silly, silly girl!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving. Cookie Party.

Life has been busy. Okay, so that's the understatement of the year. The workload at my job has increased 10 fold, and hosting a Thanksgiving dinner makes it just as complicated! So pardon my lack of communication this holiday season.

So to bring some of you up to speed, we're hosting two events this Thanksgiving season:

1) Thanksgiving Dinner: November 27, come at 4:30, dinner at 5:30. If you need to use the oven when you get there, let me know.

2) Cookie Party: November 29 @ 11:30 - pizza, cookie-baking and football. Always a good combo!

Anyway, so there's the low down. Once again, I'm sorry for the lack of communication. I'm going to try to send out some information today to all my peeps, so keep an eye on your inbox!

Pigtails, Take 2

Last night, during one of the few moments of calm, we tried to put Zoey's hair into pigtails. Here was the result:

Slight improvement from the horn-like that came with the first take of pigtails.

Sadly, no pictures of Jack today. He was in a REALLY foul, toddler mood last night.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Catch up!

Phew! This month went QUICKLY!

To play catch up...

1. Playing together, take 1:

Jack was "hugging" Zoey, or just pushing her away from HIS couch. Your choice.
Awwww! Pretty Girl!
What a model pose!
Say it with me...AWWW!

2) I love this set. It's sibling love at it's finest:
Jack kissing his sister...
Needless to say, she wasn't in the mood.
But at least he wasn't heartbroken!

3) My mom visited and helped out with the kids. That was a great way to grab pictures of the kids:
Too bad Zoey would rather climb and attack the camera!

But at least I caught Jack in the act...of washing dishes.
4. The End:
We put Zoey in pigtails for the first time. We didn't really know what we were doing, but it was hillarious:

Monday, November 3, 2008

Plenty of picture fun for you

WHEW! Coming back to reality from Arkansas was rough!

The drama of the last post has subsided, and a new rug now sits in its place.

Random thought: I went EVERYWHERE looking for a cheap rug. Guess where I found it? WALMART!

I'll post the pictures from the trip soon, but in the meantime, here are some pictures of the kiddos to enjoy:


We made our way to Mission to see my mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law and niece, Audrey.

Here is a picture of the cousins sitting so nicely together on the sofa:

Of course when we tried to get Jack involved, it was entertaining:

Speaking of Jack, he had a GREAT time!

Okay, so Saturday Trav worked. As a result, I stayed home with kids and cleaned. That was fun, but needless to say there are no pictures. So, skipping over Saturday, here is the fascinating day of SUNDAY!
We closed our pool today (Monday), but we had to first drain the water. While it was drainin, Trav and Zoey paused for a picture:
While Jack played fireman and aimed the pool water toward the street (not always that well of an aim):

The dude was SOAKED!

But that's okay. Zoey was perfectly happy just where she was.

This is our house, and just 1/4 - 1/3 of the leaves have fallen!

Of course, what better way to enjoy autumn but with a few romps in the leaves (while Zoey slept):