Thursday, October 23, 2008

What a way to start a weekend

So, today marks the start of our weekend.

Trav is coming home early, the kids are being dropped off with my parents, and tomorrow we head to the Ozarks for a weekend of fun, adult-only time. Fun.

So, I'm packing. The stuff is upstairs. I have to bring it DOWNstairs.

Earlier, I had been cleaning UPstairs with a bottle of Clorox and had left it on the stairs to take DOWNstairs.

As I dragged the suitcases down the stairs, guess what ELSE dragged down the stairs?

The Bleach.
And it bounced.
And spilled.
And ruined a pair of shoes, pants, a shirt and potenially two pieces of our luggage set.

Oh and the entire house spells of 2 quarts of bleach.

So yeah, I need to go finish packing the car.

I'm a bit frustrated.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A trip to the farm

Flash back to last May. We travelled to Nebraska and met up with my parents to see the farm. We ended up in 46 degree weather with rain and a whiney boy. Somehow we ended up planting corn.

This time, it was awesome. Weather was beautiful, even though KC was drenched on Friday. It missed the farm!

Although it was early, we were excited to leave:

A little north of Salina, we met up with my folks at a rest stop and took a greatly appreciated potty break and food stop:

A few hours later, we were at the farm! In the picture, Trav and Jack are in the machine with the hat (to the left) and my dad is on the machine to the right.
Here's a big picture of a combine.

After the ride, we tracked down some cows (not very hard). Zoey enjoyed playing with some money:
And then we saw COWS!
And they MOOED!
After that we headed to our farm, a pretty quiet farm:

Jack even played in one of the bins that was filled with corn:

And Jack even drove a piece of machinery:
And a tractor:

After a hotel break in Concordia, we stopped at the Rolling Hills Zoo near Salina (over priced, but fun):

After all was said and done, the kids were pooped:

Next adventure: Trav and I head to Arkansas for our anniversary trip

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Family, Food and Plenty of Fun

We were able to head out to Lawrence to spend time with Trav's grandparents, and we all had an excellent time!

First, two cousins playing together:

Jack tormenting Pa:

Papa Don and Audrey:
April and Audrey:
Granny Jo and Jack spend quality time together:

Mohawk Girl!

I'm let you all in on a little family secret - Zoey has some of the most amazing bed head I've ever seen. When you couple her wild hair with Trav's amazing sense of style, this is what you end up with:

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Random collection of photos from the past week

Phew! I think we'll be caught up now...until next weekend. It only took me more than a week to get everything posted!

First, last Thursday:

Zoey was sick (threw up at Daycare), but we all enjoyed some outdoor fun. I figured that if she were to throw up again, at least it would be on the deck.

I know, she doesn't really LOOK sick.

Turned out to be curdled milk, though she was cranky for about 3-4 days. Most likely caught a cold from this kid:

Oh well, we still love 'im! ;-) He actually wanted me to take these pictures, which is shocking.
Zoey really continued to eat as normal:

And we felt that on FRIDAY, we could all do our planned events. Since the American Royale BBQ was that evening and Trav's Alma mater was playing Jack's future school, Trav took a half day. We had PLANNED to have dinner at the BBQ fest, but after 5 minutes of seeing this:

We turned around. There was just too much fun to be had, so why waste it waiting on the highway turned parking lot?

After some BBQ at a local joint (just as good, if not better), we all went to the game:

Jack REALLY enjoyed himself!

Zoey...not so much. She was a crankster.
But, Trav and Jack had some bonding time...
And Zoey did eventually ease up on the crankiness...

But, she was never far from being a grouch:

The next day, Trav worked so the kids and I spent quite a bit of time outside. Okay, we spent the majority of the day outside.

While Jack was napping, Zoey decided to play with the plastic one of Jack's toys came in:
And, at the end of the day, I gave Zoey a bath while Trav tried to run off some of Jack's energy:

.............And now we're caught up to October 4. I know it's nearly the 10th now, but bear with me. I've been sick. First it was a slightly runny nose. Then it was an ultra sore throat. Then it was just general achiness. Now it's larengitis (yeah, that's a fun one).

Upcoming events:

--FARM: Next weekend

-- ARKANSAS: Weekend after that

-- HALLOWEEN: Oooooo spooky