Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I like photo collages

First, a little cuddling:

Then, a little trip to the park:

(Yes, he's running the bases...with a football) time!


That's all.


No, I mean it.

I'm tired and want to go to bed! So there!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Pictures from last weekend

Apparently I'm great at being behind. So while we are going into THIS weekend, here are pictures from LAST weekend:

First, a picnic:

Next, a nice dip in the pool:

Then, playing in the living room:

But after it's all said and done, there's nothing like a good nap...

...and spaghetti

After a little soap and scrubbing, MORE PLAYING:
The next day, Zoey tried some new food:
TEETH! *Note: to view the teeth more clearly, click on the picture

They may not always like it, but they DO like to play together:

Until Jack runs away:

That's all for now! Plenty to look forward to this week and next weekend! Including:
1) More swimming, more park playing and more fun!
2) Omaha for family reunion and good ol' fashioned fun
Have a great evening! We're off to watch Project Runway and Psych!

Friday, August 15, 2008

It's Friday Night *LIVE*

Okay, so hardly live. We'll see!

Here's one from the Fourth of July:

And two from last week:

A few Jack-isms and updates


1) Zoey's top two teeth are on the verge of breaking, which will bring her total to 4 teeth
2) Zoey's also pulling herself into a standing position by herself now! We're trying to take a few steps too, but it's not quite happening yet.
3) Zoey also crawled up the stairs. Kind of scary, but I was behind her the entire way.


1) (while outside on Sunday, my dad and Trav were working on the AC. Jack was playing with a cricket)
Jack: Uh oh. Daddy, Cricket broken!
Trav: Did you step on the cricket Jack?
Jack (whimpering): Yes. Daddy fix it?

2) (Trav came home tonight and Jack wanted him to sing songs. I was laying in the "parent" spot on the bed and he wanted me to move)
Trav: What do you say Jack?
Jack: Please move off the bed Mommy!
Trav: What else?
Jack: Thank you
Trav: And...
Jack: Love you!

(Okay so I'm tired enought that it sounded cute at the time!)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Picture Onslaught

Well, we're back. With a LOT of pictures!

Let's finish up July first:

(Rody is at least good for something, right?)
Now on to August! The first Saturday Trav worked so I was with the kids on my own. No big, but lots of fun pictures!
We tried to play blocks, but Zoey was teething and VERY disinterested (the scratch on her nose happened at day care):
And Jack dressed himself, ending up looking like a preppie thug:
After a little bit of playing, Jack was obsessed with reading in the rocking chair:

Zoey was finally amused:

And Jack's reading continued:

While Jack slept, the girls played and took pictures (with messy faces):
After a nap for all, the kids decided to play together for a change:
Zoey isn't easily amused when she's teething:
The next day, we brought out Jack's electronic sport game thing:
This is her "YAY! I got one in!"
That evening we all ended up in the pool to stay cool:

Later that week the kids once again played together:

Zoey ate solid food! But when the camera is out, Jack either hides or makes a silly face:
And Zoey wasn't so sure about the cheerios:
The day of the party was crazy, but we did get to have some time off to relax (Are they NOT clones?) :

Everyone came over, and it was a great time together:

It was cold!
The next day we all spent some time outside enjoying the cooloer weather:

And Sam went shopping to buy our favorite treat, Jack!
After my family left, we all went to the park:

And this is just from Monday, our little reader: