Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The box

Actually, boxes would be more correct.

So we went at Target today to look at carseats and ended up with two that were onsale - AWESOME! What's even more awesome is that they kids loved the boxes!

Zoey never really GOT IN, but she would scoot in a few inches then crawl out.

And, as you can tell in the first picture, Jack actually WANTED Zoey to be in there with him (yes, he's pulling her in)!

Monday, July 28, 2008

A few more Jack-isms

1. (Papa Gary was tucking Jack in)

P. Gary: I went to the farm yesterday and saw the corn you planted.
Jack: Papa Gary ride John Deere?
P. Gary: Yes, I rode a John Deere,
Jack: Papa Gary ride John Deere with lights?

2. (While discussing with Trav about his birthday):

Trav: Well Zoey will have her birthday first and then you can have your birthday.
Jack: Zoey have birthday at Papa Don's house. Jackson have birthday at Jackson's house!

Playing catch up

For the short absence - been a little busy. Actually it's more like been a little tired. Last week was VERY emotionally draining, but thankfully this week is turning out to be much better!

Here are some pictures from last week:

Fixing Zoey's dress
Zoey was so happy to just HOLD her dress!

On Saturday (July 19), Jack made cookies...and had a fever

But Zoey was fine, healthy and teething!

Now, for this weekend:

My family came into town, so we REALLY enjoyed that! Zoey now has TWO teeth (look closely at the photos), so we're on a roll. We're also carseat shopping, which is just too thrilling. We also went to my aunt and uncles home for some DELICIOUS food - overall, a great weekend!

Zoey WAS reading the paper with Trav, but she kept posing for the camera

Jack loved to show off his water toy

But he was also the perfect little helper to Papa Gary who was helping out our sad looking driveway

Adding the finishing touches...

Despite teething, she's a very happy girl!

And Jack is a very silly boy!

On Sunday night, everyone was given a nice bath:

Okay, so the pictures of Jack didn't turn out!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We have tooth!


Tomorrow (Wednesday July 16) @ 8:00 PM CDT (Kansas time) on BRAVO - Project Runway
FRIDAY @ ???? on USA - Psych

WEE! Our shows are starting!? Our shows are starting!

Anyway, back to the saga.

ZOEY HAS A TOOTH! It's small, it's far back but dang - it's a tooth!

Yesterday wasn't the best day for the kids, Zoey in particular:

You really don't touch Jack's cars..
Or you get this face!
And when Jack gets mad, so does Zoey (though she was particularly clingy yesterday)

But, we soon cheered up!

And played in the box for our new sweeper! And made dinner

Now, today was MUCH better!
Like I said, Jack loves the sweeper

Grab the strawberry
Huh - strawberry Okay, moving on...

(our fishtank)
Yucky tractor (what is with our kids and t ractors)
And...book time!