Thursday, June 26, 2008

The fun just never stops

Well, this week has been fun.

Here's a quick recap:

1) Zoey was sick with a 103 degree fever. For 4 days. Fun.
2) Trav had a repeat episode of getting food stuck in his esophagus. Guess more surgery for us!
3) Jack's been throwing a LOT more tantrums and demanding a LOT more.
4) A messy home. This isn't fun. I don't have energy to clean. :-(

Okay, I'm hormonal. I don't have much room for a bunch of BS. Let's be honest - hormonal + bad week = not fun.

Where to start?

1) Saturday night Trav and I went out to a movie, leaving the kids with Gma Suzie and Papa Don. It was great - we put more fish in our tank (thanks to Don), had the dinner out (to which Trav was saying to nearly everyone "we're on a date without our kids!") and saw a pretty good movie (Indy4 - the ending kind of ruined it for me though. Really? That's the best you could do?)

When we returned, we noticed Zoey was a little warm and they said she hadn't touched the rice cereal. Hmm. Odd. Unlike her. Oh well. We went home without thinking much of it - it WAS a warm night and they had taken the kids out for a walk. There ya go.

Sunday, she kept staying warm. I didn't really think of it until we got home from a dinner party at Don & Suzies. Her temp was 103 degrees. We sat her in front of the fan and she cool down to 102.5. Uh oh.

So basically I had to take Monday and Tuesday afternoon off. I wouldn't have minded if...

2) Trav hadn't repeated the same issue as last year.

So on Tuesday, Trav picked up some Chinese for lunch. Rice, chicken, crab Rangoon - the basic essentials. Two bites into the meal, Trav starts to hiccup.

Just like last time.

Basically he spent about 40 minutes hacking up a small ball of rice that had become lodged in his esophagus. We almost had to go to the ER. Now we are just headed to the GI specialist.

I made him go to the Urgent Care center with me, because I had to take Zoey there anyway so why not kill two birds with one stone, right? They couldn't help him. But at least Zoey doesn't have an infection and just a virus!

He stayed around about 15 more minutes before heading off to work.

3) After picking up Jack, I KNEW we were in trouble. It's just a gut feeling. I can't describe it. I knew it would be a bad night, and I was right.

Jack: "Mommy! Banana!"
Me: "What do you say?"
Jack: "Please Mommy! Please Banana!"
Me: "Okay, I have to change Zoey first..."
Jack: "NOOO! BANANA PLEASEEEEE!" (repeat this sequence about 30 times)

Ugh. You should have seen our floor. Oh and Zoey was still running a fever. And cranky.

So in short, I basically took out my agression on our hedges that I dislike. Some of them are now twigs.

4) Thankfully, Trav stayed home on Wednesday and just that extra relief of not having to pick up the kids, shuttle the kids, take the kids inside, etc. really made it easier to clean.

But do things ever stay clean?


Oh well I guess. Blah. Just a bad week.

On the upper side of things...

1) Jack went pee-pee in the potty! (and earned himself a new book)
2) Zoey is sitting up by herself
3) Zoey is actually taking some steps (with some balancing assistance)
4) Jack is actually treating Zoey like his sister! He has this major fear of going down the bathtub drain, and he's equally as concerned that his sister will go down the drain too. Can't really explain that one.
5) Our friend's son had open-heart surgery (only 1 week younger than Zoey) and came out beautifully. There's a strong possibility that he won't have to have open heart surgery again!
6) My sister returned from her trip to Asia! I missed that girl a LOT.

Oh and a few quick Jack-isms before pictures:

From tonight:

Cow says moo.
Duck says quack.
Goose says, "come here goat! baa! baa! Bad goat!"

From last night, while reading 'Fox in Socks to me':

""Fox in Sock and blah blah blah blah blah sue sue sue goey goo goo goo goey!"

Now for PICTURES!!:

Yes, he usually is like this in every picture:

Zoey loves her Gma Suzie!

Yummmm. Rice Cereal.

Who had NOT seen Trav make this exact face?!

More proof that rice cereal is 'good'
Baby Audrey - right after a nap.
Awww - Zoey was trying so hard to feel well.
Yummm...plastic teething rings.

A patriotic duo!
"Mommy, I don't feel so well..."
Kissing Cousins...awwww
Trains and cars and...

You KNOW Zoey didn't feel well when she fell asleep at 7:00.

Jack was wide awake though!
And Zoey was up in time for a quick photo-op with Daddy.
I think this was when he was calling Uncle Steve...
And we wore Jack out too!

Here are some shots of Zoey on Monday. I thought her fever had broken because she was covered in sweat. Let's just say I was wrong, but she sure took some happy pictures while on Tylenol!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Come on Everybody, clap your hands!

What a week, what a week!

First, let's start off with last weekend - FATHER'S DAY!! (And yes, Jack knows how to say 'Happy Father's Day' as he has said to us many, many times!

I drove to Wichita to assist my parents with the move to their new house (excellent house, by the way), and although it meant for little sleep and lots of driving, it was a great time. After spending nearly 3 hours driving back to KC on Sunday, Trav and I hurriedly packed the kids in the car to head to the ZOO for a free admission for all dads.

BUT an impending storm was going to make this trip to the zoo fast.

So as we started, we were all...not so relaxed:

And we did see some amazing animals:

And then, after speed walking (WITH STROLLERS) the last uphill 1.5 miles, we made it to the car before the rain hit. Obviously, it did:
Once the storm cleared, we were all able to go outside and enjoy our new sprinkler. Sort of.
It SEEMS like an awesome toddler toy. Unfortunately, Jack wasn't too thrilled by it.'s our new fish tank!
And of course, Zoey trying to learn how to self-feed is entertaining!

After all this mess, we needed a bath!

He was trying to kiss her, and she was wondering what the heck he was doing!
But she ended up with a kiss anyway.

And today, Papa Don and Gma Suzie stopped by to help mend the fish tank (slight, minor leak) and play with the kiddos.

Basically, that's it up to this point. Gma Kathy and Papa Gary drove to KC this morning to drop off some garage storage units, so the kiddos had BOTH sets of grandparents!

This weekend:
- Father's Day celebration
- Blinds purchase and installation