Friday, May 30, 2008

Mommy's Little Helper. Zoey's big brother.

I dedicate this journal to Jack, who is proving that a toddler CAN be tantrum-free!

The evening started as it usually does - we ran errands and came home to eat. Nearly EVERY afternoon ends this way.

What changed this time?

He wanted to help feed Zoey.
After that, he helped change her diaper.
After that, he read to her.
After that, he gave her a bath.
After that, he sang to her.

Oh my gosh. Can I just bottle this kid up and keep him like this until he gets passed being a snarky teenager?

Darn, I didn't think so.

Are you SURE you know what you're doing?

Open wide!

Too busy for pictures. Must. Eat.

Yummy. Yummy.


Helping Mommy!

Jack, hold up - do you know what you're doing?

And in other news, here are some new features for this site:

1) Links - now you can visit other family mentioned here, including Cousin Audrey (and her parents) and Aunt Sammy

2) Labels - read what you want to read without hunting

I'm working on changing the template, but I'm having some difficulty so just bear with me. We'll get there at some point.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Box of Chocolates, Picture-style

You know - completely random!

Okay, so not so random. I've been so tired lately that finding time to put pictures on here is scarce. Thankfully, both kids are now in bed sleeping (SHOCK) and it's relatively calm here. Interesting. I'll take it!

From Tuesday, May 27:
Yes, he actually asked for this picture. He's wanting more pictures of himself - finally!

Mmmmm. Floor.

Zoey was thrilled to be around Jack AND Sam!

This is her, "Wow! Jack is letting me touch is tractors!" face

Jack loved with Sam read him a book.

Zoey wants to join too! (Ignore the boy who picks his nose)

Pictures from Wednesday, May 28:

NOTE: The kids are in diapers because it's nearly bathtime.

Tickle, Tickle

Kiss or raspberry. Your choice.

And from today, May 29:

Our Chef Boy-or-dee

And Zoey's new $3 dress from Target

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day weekend, in pictures (of course!)

Where do you even start?!

It was a busy weekend. Busy week, busy weekend...hmmm. Is there a theme here that I'm missing?!

Anyway, we really had quite a fine time - Trav was feeling BETTER, though not great. Saturday my parents came over and helped us get things ready. WOO! Exciting:

Saturday pictures:

Those paint brushes were on sale at a local hobby store. Wouldn't you know that after I told Jack NOT to open them, that Zoey did.

Next, while Jack was sleeping we went outside to take pictures:

That evening we had a barbecue meal for my dad, who was celebrating his 60th birthday. I also found a "new" feature on my camera:

Sunday, we had a party with the family. Of course, Zoey had to be dressed to the nines (okay, just with a spiffy hat):

And their cousin Audrey is growing so fast!!!

I really don't have much more to say about Sunday - it was fun, but I was too exhausted with this:

That's right - over 1000 pounds of rock and 4 hours of hard work in 90* heat, this is what we made. I'm proud of it, though the exhaustion of getting it done was amazing.

Monday, we celebrated our REAL day off by going to the mall and playing in the kid zone:

(Doesn't this picture just melt your heart?)

We also took MORE pictures outside:


I suppose that's all for now - I have a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped out. I could really use names, but I'll refrain.

The "exciting" part of the weekend (wasn't there enough?!) was on Monday. My sister is headed to Southeast Asia on a trip and had to train over the weekend. Flying from Denver to Wichita, she was caught up in the storms that were raging across south central Kansas and ended up in KC. Let's just say that we got THAT phone call at 10:30. It really was a blessing though - not only am I sick, but I was able to spend time with my little sister. :-( Had we not seen each other this week, it would have been in JULY that we would have seen each other next.

Not to mention, the kids ADORE her:

What's going on next weekend?

Well, we may...

1) Go to Deana Rose
2) Go to the Royals game
3) Do nothing

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Friday post, weekend update

Well, the week was great in many ways. Trav was home all week, and we had a LOT to get done. Our list:

1) Open pool
2) Stain deck
3) Organize subbasement
4) Organize kids clothes
5) Take out a few shurbs in front
6) keep the house clean for the weekend festivities

What did we do?

1) Open pool
2) Stain 75% of deck

Yeah, that's it.

Here are the crappy points of the week:

See Trav's sunburn below? Yeah - we've all had 'em. In fact, we went to Mexico and got some REALLY bad sunburns. NEVER has a sunburn been as painful as Trav's - it went down into a few layers of skins and now as they heal, it's causing INTENSE itching pain.

On top of that, I'll just say that I officially hate school loans.

So basically, I'm frustrated and not very relaxed.

Oh well, there's a 3-day weekend ahead of us at least. AND we're having two parties:

1) With my parents to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday
2) With EVERYONE to celebrate Memorial Day/BBQ Day

AND here's a HUGE thank you to April, Trav's sister - Trav ended up having to see a doctor yesterday after suffering more than enough and April and her adorable daughter were able to come over and watch the kids. Invaluable!

(Totally unamused)