Sunday, January 27, 2008

Out with the Bowmans

Well this weekend has just been plain crazy!

1) Trav worked -- I didn't get the nap in that I wanted, but oh well.
2) Church was great! :-)
3) Zoey wasn't so great the gym; we thought she had been fed closer to 10:00. Turns out she was fed closer to 9:30, so at 12:30 when she wouldn't stop crying....
4) We were treated to a night with my in-laws which means good food, good people, and just a good time. This time was no different!

I did manage to nab a few great pictures though:

1) Let's start with Zoey:

2) Jack's turn!

So in the end, great fun was had by all!
(Oh and yes, we did manage to get the house cleaned)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

NON Holiday Pictures

What, did you think that's ALL I would post? Oh ho ho! Think again!

Here are some pictures of Zoey, the only child who doesn't immediately rush away.

From today, January 26:

WOW! She's alert today (can't say the same for Mommy)

Oh that's so funny!
Pseduo-serious today.

Zoey loves to play...and pose for the camera.

And...from LAST weeked (January 19-20)

Coy? I think so!

So...tune in tonight (or tomorrow, most likely) for more pictures detailing Christmas!

MORE pictures from Christmas Eve with the Bowmans!

YES! I finally uploaded those. I haven't done the 300 from the next week, but it's all good. I'll get to that this afternoon.

My afternoon tasks as Trav is working:
- Make a grocery list
- Laundry
- Vacuum
- Bathe (may be a good idea)
- Burn CDs for MIL
- Copy pictures from my burned CDs to the computer
- Place said pictures on this blog

Will I do it all today? We'll see.

Jack goes to sleep in exactly 1 hour. So do I. And hopefully Zoey.


On with the pictures!

No one was more excited to open his stocking (and everyone's stalking) than Jack
Snowman? ... SNOWMAN! Christmas Tree? ... CHRISTMAS TREE!
Best. Train. Ever. (second only to Thomas)
Brushing teeth is always fun when your brush lights up.
And Zoey...yummy thumb.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Christmas Eve with the Bowmans

Here are a select few of the pictures I have uploaded thus far from Christmas Eve. It was a GREAT time, and such a happy way to spend the holidays.

Gah--Zoey is crying. I'll try to come back tomorrow since I'm not working out to finish this series.

Regier Family Christmas

Ready for a lot of pictures? Good--you're in for one heck of a picture of overload.

It's not too late to turn back now!

Papa Gary is sooooooooo funny!

He's just too silly!

Zoey's going to love jewlery!


Sorry to be taking short cuts--I have a LOT of pictures to add and about 15 minutes of time to do it! EEK!