Thursday, December 20, 2007

'Tis the Season

It's been about a month since we've repoted on anything, and in that month a LOT has happened.
Here are my excuses:

1) My job started! It's great, though trying. I went from being a stay-at-home mom and waking up at 9 AM to working full time and getting up at 5:30. Ouch. I'm tired, to say the least. BUT it's nice to be challenged. I am blessed to have a job, and I enjoy doing it!

2) Jack has become a toddler. Need I say more? He'll grow out of this...right?

3) Snow, snow, and more snow. Hmmm. Did I mention snow? Yeah--lots of it. I would have pictures, but my batteries died the moment I went out there with Jack. Obviously I'm not going to run in to try to find batteries that we don't have on hand. BUT next time it snows, I'm here for ya.
4) Zoey is growing. Seriously. She's nearly 4 months old now, and she's just amazing. She's amazing at spitting up, but she's also just plain amazing. She's very sweet and social. Now if only she would go to sleep so that I can clean the house...

5) The holidays are here. I think between Trav and I we've gained about 20 pounds, but it's all good. Right? I hope so. Regardless, we've had a lot of family and a lot to do. We still have yet to finish our shopping! This is terrible, especially considering that usually we're finished by the end of November.

6) I'm just tired. So neener.
So instead of posting a whole slew of new pictures, how about a recap of the year?

January: (It snowed like 13 inches that day--we were in Halstead and it took Trav basically 24 hours to drive down to see us because of all the snow)

February: (Sam and Jack dancing)

March: (Just looking adorable...with crazy hair)

April: (The first haircut!)

May: (Colorado Rockies game)

June: (Playing in sprinklers in our own yard for the first time)
July: (Oh Aunt Sam is sooooo funny when she plays her guitar!)

August: (The Abercrombie pose)

September: (New sister, New birthday)

October: (Halloween)

November: (Raking leaves; since we JUST posted Thanksgiving pictures, I thought that I would not repost any of those)
December: (Decorating for Christmas)
Side note: Jack is so proud of that stinking tree. It's in our nursery so that we can put up a gate, but he decorated it himself (as you can tell) and every stinking day we have to run in there to turn on the Christmas tree lights. Hillarious.
I'm sure I'll have more pictures, especially considering that from the evening of the 21st clear until the 3rd of January we'll have family every single day. Stay tuned!
As Jack said tonight:
Good night moon. Good night socks. Good night stars. Good night Hannah Montana. Good night Dust (that's his feather duster). Good night tractor.